Centrifuge July DROP 💧

Looking back at July and jumping into August pools 🏊

Hello Centrifuge World 👾

It has been a busy month with more pools spinning on tinlake.centrifuge.io, over $1m in Dai financed, and onboarding a new asset class to Tinlake. First off, here’s what to expect in August:

August Pools 🌀

Tinlake will showcase three offerings this month: ConsolFreight, Paperchain, and the newest member, Harbor Trade Credit.

Please Note: This is not investment advice; this is a pure introduction of the Asset Originators that are planning to issue on Centrifuge Tinlake. All commercial terms are subject to information provided by the Asset Originator. Please contact us if you want to invest.

Harbor Trade Credit

Harbor Trade Credit Logo

Asset Type: Trade Finance Receivables

Harbor is a fintech firm focused on Supply Chain Finance (SCF) and working capital solutions. Harbor’s solution allows for early payments to suppliers so that buyers can optimize their own liquidity through trade credit. They launched in May 2018 and have completed $15.8m in originations to date.

A Community Intro has been given on the Centrifuge Discourse where you can learn more about this Asset Originator.


Asset Type: Short-Term Trade Finance and Invoices

ConsolFreight is a SaaS freight technology provider that empowers the digital transformation of the shipping industry. ConsolFreight finances freight forwarder invoices as well as the cargo being transported.


Paperchain, Centrifuge, Maker Foundation Perform World First, Real-Time  Advance of $60,000 USD in Spotify Revenue Using Decentralized Finance •  Paperchain

Asset Type: Short Term Spotify Streaming Revenue Financing

Paperchain’s mission is to power the creator-led economy—by giving faster access to creator revenues and opening up streaming data to unlock creator growth and decision-making. Operating at the intersection of media, finance and technology, Paperchain connects the largest media streaming platforms and offers a non-dilutive funding model via innovative, inclusive financial data streams & investment products.

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Looking Back at July 👀

News 📰

We also saw a feature article from The Block amplifying the importance of blockchain and our global supply chains. Big players, including the World Bank, are seeing this importance:

If you’re not convinced yet that “blockchain for supply chains” is back, consider that in a recent report entitled “Smart Contract Technology and Financial Inclusion,” the World Bank made a few points that sounded a lot like Vogelsang’s. 

Acknowledging a large gap between big and small companies in term of access to supply chain finance services, the report's authors said that “smart contracts hold promise for reducing process frictions and improving information asymmetries that constrain [supply chain finance]” for a category it calls micro, small, and medium enterprises.

Although they didn’t agree with everything we had to say 🙃

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