Centrifuge August DROP 💧

New Tinlake Pools, RAD Radial Rewards, TIN Underwriter Proposal

Hey Centrifuge World 🌀

We’ve had quite a few new signups since our last newsletter; on behalf of Centrifuge I’d like to say welcome :) to everyone who has joined. A lot has happened in August that will benefit Tinlake users/potentials, including new pools and a reward program for Radial.

**Radial Rewards Program is now live! Invest in our September pools or finance your own assets to earn RAD. (more info below)**

September Pools

Asset Type: Consignment Inventory Finance

Kickfurther’s marketplace matches Brands that need capital to purchase inventory with a community of Buyers who are willing to purchase inventory on consignment in exchange for participation in the profits upon sale. 

Pool Launch: Late September

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Asset Type: Music Streaming Financing

Paperchain is the easiest and fastest way for creators and media companies to access their streaming revenue. Their mission is to power the creator-led economy - by giving faster access to creator revenues and opening up streaming data to unlock creator growth and decision-making.

Pool Launch: Early October

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Radial Rewards Program

🌀 Spin a pool, receive RAD for every asset financed ($250k pool minimum)

💸Invest in a pool, receive RAD for every $ invested ($10k minimum)

The Radial Rewards Program was designed to get the right players in the Tinlake ecosystem, starting first with investors and asset originators. For the first 100 Million Dai in transactions, the program will reward investors with up to 6.7 million RAD, and asset originators with up to 1.3 million RAD

Looking Back at August

We successfully spun 4 pools in the last month, breaking past $2m financed through Tinlake. Thanks to Harbor Trade Credit (HTC1), Paperchain (PC1 + 2), and Consolfreight (CF3)!

DeFi’s First Underwriter Token

Cassidy Daly, our Tokenomics expert, proposed a token model using TIN that minimizes trust in real-world assets. Camila Russo of the Defiant also held a Q+A with Cassidy to get a better understanding of Centrifuge and how the token model works.

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